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Wicks for most oil/kerosene lamps - These are the wicks that I keep in stock. Examine the photograph: widths of the wicks are indicated, along with the type of burner for each. The burners shown will fit Eagle, Scoville, Victor, Queen Ann, Miller, Kosmos, P&A, Jones, Russell, Acorn, Gem, Nutmeg, Banner, Fireside, White Flame, Argand, Dorset, Risdon and other standard burners.
kerosene oil lamp wicks

PayPal charges me 30-cents for each transaction plus 2.9%, so I'd be grateful if
you would not order just one wick (except central draft tubular wick) and nothing else
(Pixie,#00,#0,#1, Duplex,& #2 sizes). I lose money when you do so. Thanks, Bill
If you do, then I have no choice but to refund your purchase.

I do NOT add a fee for handling or packaging.
Round Center Draft(GWTW) wick - 7" long(1-1/2"- diam. tube)
(fits B&H,Royal,Rayo,Radiant,Rochester,Miller,Fostoria)
1.5" wide oil lamp Wick for #3 Burners, 8" long $0.98
1" wide oil lamp Wick for #2 Burners, 8" long $0.45
7/8"-wide oil lamp Wick for Duplex and Lamplight Farms burners, 8" long $0.45
5/8"-wide oil lamp Wick for #1 burners, 8" long $0.40
1/2"--wide oil lamp Wick for #0 burners, 8" long $0.40
3/8"--wide oil lamp Wick for Nutmeg, Acorn & Hornet, 8" long $0.40
3/16" diameter Cord oil lamp wick for Pixie (mini) burners(6" long)
Will not fit modern aromatic or "mood" lamps
1-3/8 inch wick for KOSMOS #6 burners
See all Kosmos parts specifications by clicking this link
1-5/8 inch wick for KOSMOS #8 burners $4.60
1-7/8 inch wick for KOSMOS #10 burners $4.60
2-1/8 inch wick for KOSMOS #12 burners $4.60
2-9/16 inch wick for KOSMOS #14 burners $4.60

IMPORTANT: By soaking a new or dry wick for a minute in fuel you will drive out tiny air bubbles that otherwise impede the flow of fuel. As a result, your lamp's flame will burn cleaner and brighter. Combustion is also improved with 1-K highly refined kerosene rather than "paraffin lamp oil."

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