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1920 INDIANA GLASS CO. PANEL Sewing lamp

This plain oil lamp dates from 1920 and is mold blown. Both the top oil font and the lower base and stem where blown by hand into a mold then joined with a molten wafer of glass. This robust size lamp is often called a "sewing lamp" because it was placed in the center of the kitchen/dining room table and women gathered to do their sewing, knitting, darning, etc. by its light. It is in very good condition and includes a solid brass #2 antique Queen Ann burner made by Plume & Atwood. The "Big Bulge" chimney and the wick are new replacements. The original solid brass collar is well cemented to the neck, but does have a couple of stress cracks. A complete working no-nonsense 95-year-old lamp for a good price!

A similar partially frosted version can be seen in Catherine Thuro's Vol I on page 241, and an Indiana Glass Co. 6-panel on p. 276. Value $100-$150.

Price = $80.00 + the actual shipping cost to your location. I do not charge for handling or packing materials.

Total Height 19-1/4 inches(10.5" to collar top)
Diameter6 inches
Total Weight3 lb. - 3 ounces

$80.00: Burner and chimney are included, + actual shipping cost
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