Vianne RUBY ('rouge') cased glass, 7-inch fitter student shade

Vianne RUBY student shade

New old stock remaining from the 2005 shutdown of the Vianne Glass Co. of Vianne, France, formerly esteemed for its cased and art glass quality.

This shade is hand blown in two layers: the inner layer is thin opal for good reflectivity, and the transparent outer, thicker layer for color. The color is not merely sprayed on. This process is time-consuming and expensive. So at this price it is a consdierable bargain.

This shade's warm rich red color (made by adding gold to molten glass) makes it perfect for #1 oil lamps, or on electical fixtures as shown here:ruby student shade on an electric lamp

Examples of old lamps mounted with the seven-inch cased RUGY student shade:
opal slant shade on 1890's #2 size oil lamp cased ruby shade on 1860's #1 size oil lamp

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