oil lamp parts

One of the most sought-after table lamps of the 1880-1890’s period is the pattern named “Aquarius.” It is one of the finest examples of a prescut lamp (hand blown into a highly detailed mold so that it resembles cut glass). The photos speak for themselves, showing the high quality. Aquarius was made by Adams & Co. of Pittsburgh in various sizes. This version is a hand lamp, meant to be small and light enough to carry from place to place within the home. It features what is called a drip groove in the top of the font, meant to catch any spillage when the lamp was refilled each morning, so that no drips spoiled the varnished finish of the table top.
Common practice for Victorian housewives was to place a sprig of dried flowers or herbs inside the hollow 4-sided stem, kept in place with a disk of cardboard cut to tightly fit the circular bottom of the stem.

It is without chips or cracks, in perfect working order with a new solid brass #0 Queen Ann burner and a plain chimney.
Photos and details can be seen in Thuro’s Vol. 1 on pages 214, 315 & 322; also Thuro Vol II on p. 120. Market value exceeds $300 without a burner & chimney.

I charge only the actual shipping cost, by the method of your preference, to any destination in North America.

Price: $212.00 , complete as shown + actual shipping cost.

Total Height:14.5" overall(7.5" to collar top)
Diameter 4.25 inches
Total Weight1 pound - 6 ounces

Complete lamp as shown, TOTAL: $212.00 - The shipping cost is extra, based solely on your location. I do not charge for packing materials or handling.
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