Hooded 3" x 7" chimney

This unusually-shaped chimney has a 3" (#2 size) bottom fitter; the bulge of the "hood" is four inches; it is 7" tall and the top outside diameter is two inches. It was originally a Hong-Kong design fitted on small metal lamps in the 1960-70 period, some with conical metal shades that slipped over the top of the chimney and rested on the hood-shaped bulge. It will fit any #2 size burner and is notable because it is shorter than most chimneys, so is a good choice for smaller #2 size lamps where stability is important. Wall sconce lamps, bracket arm lamps and canning-jar lamps are common uses. In the case of canning jar lamps the value is that the lamp is not top-heavy as it tends to be with a standard 8-1/2" tall chimney. The horizontal ribs sourrounding the hooded chimney also makes the chimney less fragile than the typical chimney shape.

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