kerosene oil lamp burner lighting

1) A clean and soft new wick is best. I trim the corners of the top of the wick using a sharp nail clipper at about a 45-degree angle as shown here: trimming oil lamp wick then, as you would with a dry dish rag, wet the upper third of wick with the kerosene fuel by dipping it in the oil font of your lamp. The fuel should be about a half inch from the top of the font.

2) Feed the wet and trimmed wick into the bottom slot of your burner. Abrasion inside the wick channel may cause some fraying at the top of the wick, like this: feeding oil lamp wick into burner. Remove stray threads using a sharp scissors or nail clipper as here: trimming top of oil lamp wick.

3) Screw your burner snugly into the lamp's collar. Adjust the wick so about 1 mm. of the wick peeks above the metal wick channel. I have unsnapped the burner's slotted bell (air deflector)so you can see it clearly. See here: Using a match, light the wick. Once again I have done this with the bell to the oil lamp wick You will light the lamp with the bell in place. Notice just a little bit of wick showing produces a good flame.

4) With the deflector bell in place the flame will take on the proper shape and grow brighter:replacing oil lamp burner bell> Turn down the flame. Carefully
  fit the chimney into place on the burner.<img src= Let the flame heat up the chimney for a minute. Normally the flame will increase as the chimney heats,re-adjusting oil lamp burner flame so adjust it downward so no smoke is produced. Here is a flame adjust way too high: oil lamp burner
  flame too high.

5) Keep an eye on the flame, if it continues to enlarge on its own, turn it down. A properly burning flame will not char the wick, only, only consume the kerosene vapors, not the wick fibers. If your wick chars badly this is caused by one or more of the following: fuel level in the font is too low, air perforations in the burner base are clogged with dirt/dust, you let is burn with too high a flame.

6) To "turn off" your lamp, lower the flame way down, place one hand above the chimney opening at an 45-degree angle, and blow a sream of air against your hand so that the puff is directed down into the HOT chimney. That should extinguish the flame. Lower the top of the wick so it is down inside the wick channel. This will prevent kerosene evaporating into the chimney while the lamp is out. See this position where I have tilted the bell so you can see the channel:turn down wick when out

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