oil lamp parts antique Princess Feather

Complete hand painted PRINCESS FEATHER pattern late 19th century OIL LAMP
One of the most sought-after table lamps of the turn of the century period is the pattern "Princess Feather.". It is of a class of large glass lamps referred to as Sewing Lamps. They were popular in the late 1900's and up until rural electrification in the U.S. It was so-called because it was ideal to be placed in the center of the kitchen table, around which the neighbor ladies would gather to do their sewing, darning, knitting, crocheting, etc. As you see, it is a foot-and-a-half tall so it could shone all over the table.

It is without chips or cracks and in perfect working order; some of the paint has chipped, faded or is missing, but is overall in good condition. Photos and details can be seen in Thuro’s Vol. 1 on several pages and in Vol II on p.124 where the hand-painted version is pictured. This version is quite uncommon so the current market value exceeds $600.

I charge only the actual shipping cost, by the method of your preference, to any destination in North America.

Price: $260.00 , complete as shown + actual shipping cost.

Total Height:18" overall(9.5" to collar top)
Diameter 6 inches
Total Weight3.5 pounds

Princess Feather overallPrincess Feather3 Princess Feather
Complete lamp as shown, TOTAL: $260.00 - The shipping cost is extra, based solely on your location. I do not charge for packing materials or handling.

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