contacting oillampparts
emailing proper image size to oillampparts

I am happy to look over a photograph of an oil lamp or lamp part in order to help you select
the proper part for your lamp. BUT, since I am connected to my ISP by a 40-mile-long slow dialup connection, I ask that you edit the size of your picture before sending it.

Limit the photograph to less than 70 kb. file size, or no larger than 500 x 500 pixels. Send ONE photo ONLY

If you do not know how to do this, read your camera's instruction manual and select the smallest setting (the lowest resolution), or consult the photo-editing software on your computer HELP file. Like the old saying goes, "if all else fails, read the directions!"

Three free online sites that allow you to re-size images are:

If you send a larger photo it will lock up my computer for 35-45 minutes while it slowly downloads.

image too big for oillampparts

One photo of your lamp will probably provide me with the information I need - don't send a bunch. Always place the lamp against a plain, painted background- like a wall - so your camera's autofocus will focus on the lamp and not on what is behind it instead.

Email me a photo at ONLY if you follow these guidlelines.
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