This page contains a brief list of parts of an oil (kerosene) lamp. Feel free to contact me to determine the size and style of parts that you may need to complete your oil lamp! Prices are generally the lowest available on line, and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

oil lamp parts names descriptions

table of oil lamp partsHere is a helpful table of PARTS' DIMENSIONS
parts of an oil lamp: chimney,shade,burner,lampshade holder, wick,collar,font, connector, base
  1. Chimney: A glass tube resting on the burner rim that provides proper air flow for a bright flame. ~ Chimneys
  2. Lampshade: A glass piece of various shape that diffuses the light and decorates the lamp. ~ Shades
  3. Burner: A brass device that screws into the lamp's collar. The flame height is adjusted with a wick raiser knob. ~ Burners
  4. Wick: A woven cotton ribbon, cord or cylinder that draws the oil into the burner from the font. ~ Wick
  5. Shade holder: A metal device that supports the shade. It rests on the burner, beneath the chimney. ~ Shade holders
  6. Collar: A brass ring that is threaded on top for a burner.It is cemented to the glass neck of the font. ~ Collars
  7. Font(also fount): A glass or metal container for the lamp oil having a necked opening at the top.
  8. Connector: A brass cylinder that supports the font, connecting it to the base (not present on all-glass lamps).
  9. Base: An iron, brass or marble piece that is held in place by center threaded rod & supports the oil lamp.

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