kerosene oil lamp burnerss
#2 BURNER for Mason Jar

Brass plated steel #2 size burner, bright brass or antiqued brass finish: These burners come with a screw-on collar (basically a jar lid with a threaded hole in its center. The collar will screw on any small mouth canning jar(2-3/4"); if you wish, you may substitute a 1-3/4" screw on a Lamp collar, instead.This will fit most oil lamps whose glass neck is coarsely threaded.

These are identical to burners sold by LampLight Farms. They take a 7/8"-wide replacement wick. A wick is included in each burner. Prices: $7.20 & $11.72

Burners operate efficiently ONLY when the level of the fuel is no more than 5 inches from the top of the burner, so many people add "ballast" to their lamp fonts or canning jars: pebbles, sand, aquarium gravel, seashells, marbles, nuts & bolts, etc. All of these items add colorful interest to the lamp(or jar), increase its stability, and reduce the amount of fuel needed to keep the fuel level high. None is soluble in kerosene, so has no effect on the cleanliness of the flame.

The lamp collars are sold separately on my COLLARS page: "#2 screw on collar"

BRIGHT finish, with canning JAR collar

$7.20 each

BRIGHT finish, with LAMP collar:

$7.20 each

ANTIQUED finish, with canning JAR collar:
$11.72 each

ANTIQUED finish, with LAMP collar:
$11.72 each

steel oil lamp burner PLEASE NOTE: Because these inexpensive burners are lightly brass-plated steel, they will corrode in humid climates after a few years.

Also, I recommend the Hooded chimney for these lamps. hooded chimney

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