oil lamp part kosmos 14 ball shade holder

Shade holder for Kosmos #14 burner: any 4-inch fitter shade

This superb quality shade holder is hand made exclusively for oillampparts.com by a contracted craftsman located near San Diego, USA. For the first time, this permits European lamps equipped with Kosmos #14 burners to be fitted with any standard US or UK made ball or gas shade - those having a 4-inch fitter.

The shade holder is made of highest grade of solid brass that is three times the thickness of any other known shade holder - the same thickness as a US penny, weighing about a sixth of a pound. It has an encircling 9 mm. (3/8") well crafted top rolled fence that provides superior stability for the shade (either flared or straight fitter). The holder firmly snaps into position, resting on the burner's flared rim.

This shade holder is solely for the Kosmos 14 burner and will not fit any other size burner. If you are unsure of your Kosmos burner's size, look at this table for dimensions. Below are photos showing the shade holder, how it fits the K14 burner and a couple of example of lamps fitted with 4-inch fitter shades. All have four ventilation holes to reduce heat buildup between the chimney and shade.

Kosmos 14 burner shade holder-Click for larger photo & more detailsKOSMOS 14 Plain Ball/Gas Shade holder
Custom made to support any ball or gas shade with a 4" fitter.
Available exclusively! from oillampparts.com

(Note: these photos were taken prior to modification by puching out the four ventilation holes that are now a standard feature).

Here are two examples of antique lamps, one with a bowl shade and one with a ball shade:

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