oil lamp part: solid brass kosmos collar

These solid brass oil lamp collars are compatible with Kosmos burners (brenner in German): those European burners having a flat wick that is furled into a tube at the top of the burner.

A note of explanation: All #2 size burners will fit in all #2 collars; and likewise all #1 burners will fit into all #1 collars. Further, the threads of Kosmos burners and collars are metric and therefore not interchangeable with US collars #2, #1, or #00 which are not metric.

See this page for photographs of Kosmos burners. and here for a complete table of Kosmos parts' dimensions. All are solid brass and made in France.

Please note that Kosmos #12 & #14 burners have the same bottom threading, so their collars are identical. Also, Matador #15 burners are interchangeable with Kosmos #14 burners: each threads into the same Kosmos #14 collar, although they do take different chimney sizes.
kosmos oil lamp solid brass collars
Kosmos 6 collar $5.00
Kosmos 8 collar $5.00
Kosmos 10 collar $5.00
Kosmos 12 & 14, Matador 15 collar $5.00

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